DIY Halloween Spider Webs

I posted a couple of days ago about the Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts, today I bring to you another easy, cheap, and cute DIY Halloween decoration.  For these spider webs, you will need Elmer’s Glue, glitter {I used silver}, and wax paper.

  • Refrigerate the glue for at least 2 hours to thicken it up
  • On wax paper, start off your glue design with an asterisk
  • Connect the eight lines of glue in a wave-like pattern
  • Sprinkle the glitter saturating the glue
  • It will need about 2 days to completely dry
  • Scrape off with a spatula {CAREFULLY}

I used mine as a dining table center piece, with a vase of black & white flowers sitting on top of it.  I planned on buying some little rubber spiders, placing them on the flowers, and using thread to make some spiders appear falling to the web {I still haven’t gotten that far}.

In progress.. It looks awesome once it’s dried and the glue has become translucent!


Turning Insanity Into Sanity

You wake up and everything gradually tumbles downhill.  No matter how positive you try to be, everything ends up negative.  Everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong.  Your house is a disaster, your kids are making messes faster than your tired hands can clean them, and objects are broken.  You try to unwind from the tornado, but nothing you attempt seems to make you happy or make things better.

Does this sound like a day you have had lately?  If you’re a mother, I’m willing to bet that it is.  And I’m willing to bet that you probably went to bed with the frustration of the day still hovering over you.  I have gone to bed like that several times, and why?  In the midst of the crazy you need to remember that YOU matter.  Even better, your SANITY MATTERS.

I’m going to share with you 4 simple things that make me feel more like a human, less like a robot, and SANE.

1- My first resort: PERFUME

My favorite scent right now!

It’s amazing what a good scent can do!  Not only do I spray some perfume when I need to calm down, but I also use it before studying/taking exams, and it makes all the difference in the world.

2- My second resort: SWEATPANTS

Nothing is better than your favorite pair of comfy sweatpants!

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I get home is throw on some comfy sweatpants.  It makes me feel like I can breath.

3- Thrid resort:  MAKEUP

When you feel attractive, your attitude is attractive!

Even if you are not the ‘makeup’ type {and by that, I mean the type that prefers not to wear eye makeup, blush, or things that make you look like you have make up on} you can’t deny that a little coverage on your discolored spots, blemishes (or any thing that you want to conceal ) can make you feel a little sparkly.  Especially when you’re a mother, it’s a rare occasion that you get to throw some makeup, get dressed up, and feel like yourself.  So even if you don’t have anywhere to go, DO IT!

4- Fourth resort: When all else fails.. pull out the comfy footwear! In my case, TOE SOCKS!

I’m not normally a ‘sock’ person {I prefer bare feet}, but toe socks hit the spot when I’m down in the dumps!

If none of these things are your normal ‘go tos’, I would say try them {there’s nothing to lose when you’re already having a terrible day, right?}. Or maybe you should just utilize those things that you DO love more often.  Take the time to take care of yourself!  Even if it’s something as little as smelling good, dolling your face up, or wearing comfy clothes.

What do YOU do to turn your insanity into sanity? Let me know!

DIY Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

I don’t know about you, but I have the urge to decorate for holidays.  I love how excited the girls get when decorations go up!  However, holiday decorations are definitely not in the ‘cheap’ category.  That’s why I love do it yourself (DIY) crafts! It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s something to show off.  The first DIY I did this year was these awesome ghosts made from milk jugs!

How cute are these!?  The quickest, cheapest, and cutest Halloween craft that I have found.  I just saved 3 milkjugs, tore the  labels off {you might need to run some warm water to help scrape the residual label off}, and then they are ready to become ghosts!

I used a permamnent marker and free handed 3 different faces.  After your faces are made then you are free to cut holes in the bottom backs of the jugs to allow for light cords.  I just used 1 strand of LED Christmas lights – stolen from my Christmas stash in the basement.  Still using only 1 hole in each jug, I just pushed 1/3 of the strand of lights into the first jug, 1/3 into the middle jug, then the last 1/3 into the last jug {leaving the wall plug in hanging out}.  Then you just have to plug them in!!  Enjoy!

Getting Over the Hump

By ‘Getting Over the Hump’ I was referring to hump day. This has been the longest day that I’ve had in quite awhile! Only having 4 hours a sleep probably didn’t help.. But when the girls are sick it’s my turn to be the super hero that they have taught me to be!


I’ve learned from the best..


Today was an 11 hour class day.. That started off with my phone getting misplaced into my bag, so I ran around the house for 30 minutes looking for it in pure panic. I eventually gave up, and I concluded Sean or one of the girls made away with it. This caused me to be late to class {resulting in point loss} what a good way to start the day.

Post traumatic beginning, an 8 hour lecture followed by a 3 hour lecture. I was asleep {in the front row} of the 3 hour lecture for 90% of the class. When I finally got out of school, it was raining {I mean POURING} tidal waves.

Even though everything about this day truly sucked, it was all erased emotionally when I got home to my family. Hearing my girls squeal in joy to see me makes this hump day seem more like a tiny bump!

[Disclaimer: forgive me if there are mistakes, I’m trying out posting from my phone since I’m too tired to be anywhere but my comfy bed!]

Learning Not to Cry Over Spilled Milk

Yesterday was an eventful day, to say the least.

The girls have been sick with an upper respiratory bug, so on top of being two they are extra moody.  So the entire day was a little haywire.. On my way home from school my husband sends me this picture:

Pretty good mani and pedi for a two year old.. right?

Well, one of my girls got a bottle of finger nail polish open and decided she would give herself a manicure/pedicure on the living room couch.  If you just mumbled to yourself, “hmmm, I wonder if the couch was DESTROYED..”, I’m here to tell you IT IS.  You would think hearing this news on your way home from a 3 hour lecture would ignite a certain kind of fury from within.  On the contrary, I actually laughed.  You heard me right, I had a good little chuckle thanks to this little disaster.

I’ve been working on intentional living, if you will.  I’ve been trying to look at trying scenarios with transparent vision, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel before I’m blinded by the dark.  Because of this, I was actually able to come home and calm my husband down before he busted some blood vessels.  When I saw this picture all I could see was the satisfaction on Kennedy’s face that she did a good job.  Can you see it, too?  That warms my heart like you wouldn’t believe!  I’m astounded by how much they know and are capable of doing {in this case, trying} and by how aware they are of their own wants, motives, and knowledge.  It’s going to take days of baths before it comes off, but every time I see that painted skin, I am blessed with a huge smile.