I Signed Up For BirchBox!

For Valentine’s Day, my husband got me a year subscription to BirchBox, and I’m SO excited to start receiving my surprise boxes in the mail each month! If you don’t know what BirchBox is, I highly suggest looking at the website and checking it out HERE. It’s $10 a month, which is 1-2 fast food stops.. 2 coffees.. Or the waste of buying a new product at the store and not liking it because you couldn’t try it first. Super cheap, if you think about it that way! You get 5 samples in each box, sometimes you’ll get lucky and have a full sized product thrown in. And they have a rewards point system! Every 100 points in $10 in your account towards your full sized product purchase OR towards subscription renewal. Every person you refer gets you 50 more points. Every product you review gets you 10 points. All of the products they send out in boxes are listed on he website for sale, and free shipping on full sized brands that are sent out in boxes. So they make it really easy to purchase full sized products directly from their website if you love the sample you receive! I could rave about this forever, and I haven’t even received my first box yet! You should definitely do yourself a favor and sign up for a surprise every month! Can’t wait to review my first box!

Sign Up Here!!



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