DIY St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Wreath

You may or may not have seen my previous post on DIY Burlap Wreaths, where I showed you how to make a wreath, the costs, the supplies, and it ended up being a Valentine’s Day wreath.. If you didn’t see that post, go ahead and read that for the main instructions. I think I even linked a video that shows you a super easy way to weave your burlap!

The previous wreath looked like this:


I used the same wreath, I just removed the Valentine’s Day ribbon, bow, hanging wall decor, and I replaced with green burlap, green ribbon, a new bow that I made the same way I made the velvet bow from the previous post, and a St. Patrick’s Day hanging wall decoration!

The new wreath now looks like this:


To wrap the green ribbon around the top half of the wreath, I just fold at the end and make a small cut to make an opening to pull jute twine through to tie the ribbon to the wreath frame.. Then wrapped it around in wide turns {so it wasn’t too much ribbon} and tied it at the other end where the brown burlap met the green burlap.

The ribbon that I used to make this bow is a lot more flimsy and delicate than the thick velvet bow from the Valentine’s Day wreath.. SO instead of being able to just tie it to the burlap with jute twine like I did before, I used two small safety pins to pin the right and left loops to the burlap.

Super easy! This took me literally 10 minutes to transform!


2 thoughts on “DIY St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Wreath

    • It was in the 30% off St. Patrick’s Day section of Hobby Lobby! They have a million variations of hanging signs like this, too. I think after the 30% off it was around $5 maybe..

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