Home Made Sloppy Joes

Last night I made home made sloppy joes for the first time! This is a recipe that you can find in the Aldi Meal Plan – Meal 4 located HERE. I altered it a little bit for our family size. I used one pound of ground turkey instead of two, I used about 2 cups of ketchup instead of 1.5 cups, and I diced 1 clove of fresh garlic instead of garlic powder. I like to use fresh produce instead of frozen/canned/powders as much as I can! It tastes a lot better that way 😉

I set it in the crockpot for about 2 hours, 1 on high – 1 on low. I boiled carrots to go with the meal, and while those boiled {for about 5-10 minutes} I turned the crockpot down to warm. I coated the carrots in brown sugar to add some flavor. I toasted bread, we didn’t have buns :-/

Even though I sliced the serving size in half by only cooking 1 pound of ground turkey, it fit our family size perfect. I had 1 serving, my husband had 2, and our 2 year olds shared a sandwich cut in half. We had a large serving left over.

It turned out amazing! I will never buy a can of Manwich again!! Our 2 year olds devoured it even though there’s sliced green pepper in it! Hope you enjoy it, too!


Taco Soup

I cooked the most delicious recipe today, and I want to share! It’s a version of Taco Soup, which is also listed under the ‘Aldi Meal Plan’ tab under ‘Aldi Meal List {Set 1-1}’ up above next to the ‘Home’ tab.

I modified the listed recipe a little.. The chili beans that I had turned out to be expired in Dec 2012, so I went without the chili beans. I also only had one can of diced tomatoes, so I used a half of a jar of salsa instead. Next time that I make it {which will be very soon} I will substitute the second can of diced tomatoes again for salsa.. I think it made it that much better. Then we topped it off with shredded Mexican blend cheese, sour cream, and crushed a few tortilla chips. DELICIOUS! So scrumptious that our 2.5 year old girls even chowed down!

This is the recipe:

Taco Soup

1 pound ground turkey
1 can chili beans, with liquid
1 can kidney beans, with liquid
1 can whole kernel corn, with liquid
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 can tomato sauce
2 cups water
1 package of taco seasoning mix

In a medium skillet, cook the ground turkey until browned over medium heat. Drain & set aside. Place the ground turkey, chili beans, kidney beans, corn, tomato sauce, water, diced tomatoes, & taco seasoning mix in a slow cooker. Mix to blend and cook on Low setting for eight hours.

Serve alone or can be topped with shredded cheese & sour cream.


I’m so excited to say that I graduated college a couple of weeks ago!!


It was a long 3 years, and I can’t believe it is over! I was so proud of those honors chords around my neck that I wore them around the entire night and following day, as well. Hard work DOES pay off!!

Now, I’ve been stressed with the daunting task of getting a hospital to hire me… It feels hopeless. If I am unable to get a job soon, I will probably apply to a university close by to further my education in the medical field. We will see!

The Longest Thursday

I went to bed last night with such great expectations for today.  I had the Longest Thursday planned: Cleaning everything that became a mess during my 2 days of clinicals and 1 day of school, then I was going to make breadcrumbs for this Aldi Meal Plan I have been experimenting with so I could make Turkey Meatloaf for dinner tonight.  Somewhere in the day, I wanted to tackle some homework because I have 6 assignments, 1 exam review, and a 4 page surgical procedure record to do this week.

It’s the days that you have planned down to the end of the day that end up going haywire.. Poor Kennedy has a 102 temp that started in the middle of the night.  So duty has called.  The craziest things about these 2 year old girls is that for some reason if their medicine is of a pink variety they will take the entire syringe and push it in their own mouth.  The Children’s Motrin that we have on hand is dye-free, so I added a pen point drop of neon pink food coloring and WA-LA!  I don’t know why I haven’t thought about food coloring before!

Now, she’s laying on the couch all snuggled up watching Dora the Explorer with Haven.  Haven is being such a good ‘big sister’ (she was born a whole 1 minute before Kennedy) and it makes my heart happy.

I may not get the Longest Thursday to-do list accomplished, but the snuggles, cuddles, and time spent making 1 sick baby girl feel better is SO MUCH MORE worth my time.  Everything always gets done eventually! 🙂

I Dominated Today With 1 Coupon



Today, I woke up feeling… AWAKE for once!  I had energy and the motivation to go with it.  That motivation took me to my computer where I printed off one simple coupon that led me to saving about $75  in one stop.  The coupon was only {and I use only lightly} 40% off from Hobby Lobby but this coupon got me out of my house.  I saw sunlight, I breathed fresh air, I got dressed, I… was unchained from the bindings from this house! 🙂  All kidding aside, I got to use a gift card that I received for Christmas combined with this coupon to total over $100 stuff for $9 from my pocket.  I’ll call that a WIN 🙂

This one coupon also got me back on the printing coupons online kick, again.  To coupon effectively, though, you need to be aware of your retailers rules and regulations when it comes to coupons.  You can find a good list here.  Just scroll down to find the list of retailers and click on the appropriate one.

Once you have the rules down, it’s time to print!  Here are some good coupon printing sites:

  • Target Coupons – Note these are NOT manufacturer coupons, so they will stack with any manufacturer coupons you have.
  • Coupons.Com – Loads of manufacturer coupons
  • SmartSource – Loads of even more manufacturer coupons
  • CVS – While these aren’t necessarily printable coupons, CVS has the best deals for ‘bang for you buck’.  It also has the most lenient couponing rules, as they allow you to use a BOGO Free coupon on their BOGO deals to get both items free, in example.  That paired with CVS bucks and you are getting back what you spend.

I also added a new page ‘Printables‘ to my blog, under the ‘Resources’ tab!  There you will find more printable jewels for living, crafting, budgeting, and more!

If you have any couponing advise or additional places for online printing, let me know!