DIY St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Wreath

You may or may not have seen my previous post on DIY Burlap Wreaths, where I showed you how to make a wreath, the costs, the supplies, and it ended up being a Valentine’s Day wreath.. If you didn’t see that post, go ahead and read that for the main instructions. I think I even linked a video that shows you a super easy way to weave your burlap!

The previous wreath looked like this:


I used the same wreath, I just removed the Valentine’s Day ribbon, bow, hanging wall decor, and I replaced with green burlap, green ribbon, a new bow that I made the same way I made the velvet bow from the previous post, and a St. Patrick’s Day hanging wall decoration!

The new wreath now looks like this:


To wrap the green ribbon around the top half of the wreath, I just fold at the end and make a small cut to make an opening to pull jute twine through to tie the ribbon to the wreath frame.. Then wrapped it around in wide turns {so it wasn’t too much ribbon} and tied it at the other end where the brown burlap met the green burlap.

The ribbon that I used to make this bow is a lot more flimsy and delicate than the thick velvet bow from the Valentine’s Day wreath.. SO instead of being able to just tie it to the burlap with jute twine like I did before, I used two small safety pins to pin the right and left loops to the burlap.

Super easy! This took me literally 10 minutes to transform!


DIY Burlap Wreaths

I have been in crafting mode recently, and at the top of my list… A Burlap Wreath! I love how rustic and homey they look. You can hang them on the front door, but they also fit just right inside the house on that empty wall that you’ve been wanting to fill. Plus, they are easy to make and super cheap!

My Exact 24″ Box Style Wreath Frame
2 Rolls of Burlap
Valentine’s Day Heart Ribbon
Velvet Ribbon 1″ to 1.5″
Jute Twine
My Exact Mini Glue Gun
A Valentine’s Day Decoration to Hang in the Center

These are all of the things I used to make mine. Some supplies you might already have – such as the jute, glue gun, velvet ribbon left over from Christmas, or a Valentin’s Day decoration to hang in the center. If you plan it right you can get everything 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and they have a printable coupon {or you can just show them the coupon from your smartphone} for 40% off one item that isn’t on sale. I got the 24″ wreath frame because it looked a lot smaller in the store, I could have went a size down and been just as happy.

My price break down:
24″ Wreath Frame – 40% coupon applied | $2.99
2 Rolls of 5.5″ Burlap – 50% off | $2.50 each for $5.00
Valentine’s Day Burlap Ribbon – 30% off | $2.79
90ft Velvet Ribbon – Christmas clearance section for 90% off | $0.80
Already had the jute twine | $0
Glue Gun – Didn’t have one, shame on me | $2.99
Hanging Valentine’s Day Decoration – Didn’t have ANY VDay decor, again.. shame on me. 30% off | $5.59

My total cost: $20.16

It would obviously be way cheaper if I would have just had the glue gun and a decoration hanging around the house {pun was so intended}. But the cool thing is this one wreath is completely transformable! Since burlap is so plain, it goes with everything. This wreath will turn into a St. Patrick’s wreath, followed by an Easter wreath, followed by a normal wreath with a monogram in the middle, and so on! You just have to buy the little things to change it up! One wreath to rule them all!!

Just cut 3-4″ of jute, stick it through the burlap and tie it to one of the sections on the wreath {cut off extra jute}. Then start weaving the burlap through the wreath while making big loops. I actually watched THIS HELPFUL VIDEO to figure out how to do the weaving!! Watch it! 🙂 I did the same weaving with the Valentine’s Day burlap in two sections that were evenly across from each other.


Then I made a velvet bow! Lay the bow like the picture and wrap that smaller piece that you’ll cut around the middle and hot glue it! So cute, and so simple. I can never tie a bow and make it look normal, so this worked for me! I’ll never make a bow by tying it ever again!



Then I cut 3-4″ of jute and wrapped it around the back of the bow {through the center piece that you glued on} and tied it through holes in the burlap on the wreath. I hung the wreath on one of those 3M white plastic wall hangers that come off the wall easy. Then I tied enough jute to the Valentine’s Day hanging decoration to make it hang in the center and hung it from the 3M hook, as well. This Valentine’s hanging decoration was perfect to hang in the middle of the wreath because of its 3D effect from the different hearts turning! I found it in the VDay section at my local Hobby Lobby. There you have it! A Valentine’s Day wreath that will change with your holidays by just unweaving the burlap and adding different special touches.



DIY Cleaner Storage

I did this awhile back, but as I have been de-cluttering our home and organizing like crazy, I have come to appreciate this idea even more!  This DIY will get your household cleaners out of the cabinet {increasing cabinet storage} and out of reach for your crawlers and toddlers.  Just take a cheap door hanging fabric shoe rack and put it on your pantry/kitchen door.  It frees up space, saves the worries of little ones getting into it, and everything you clean with is at a glance!  No searching for the pledge anymore 😉


DIY Halloween Spider Webs

I posted a couple of days ago about the Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts, today I bring to you another easy, cheap, and cute DIY Halloween decoration.  For these spider webs, you will need Elmer’s Glue, glitter {I used silver}, and wax paper.

  • Refrigerate the glue for at least 2 hours to thicken it up
  • On wax paper, start off your glue design with an asterisk
  • Connect the eight lines of glue in a wave-like pattern
  • Sprinkle the glitter saturating the glue
  • It will need about 2 days to completely dry
  • Scrape off with a spatula {CAREFULLY}

I used mine as a dining table center piece, with a vase of black & white flowers sitting on top of it.  I planned on buying some little rubber spiders, placing them on the flowers, and using thread to make some spiders appear falling to the web {I still haven’t gotten that far}.

In progress.. It looks awesome once it’s dried and the glue has become translucent!

DIY Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

I don’t know about you, but I have the urge to decorate for holidays.  I love how excited the girls get when decorations go up!  However, holiday decorations are definitely not in the ‘cheap’ category.  That’s why I love do it yourself (DIY) crafts! It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s something to show off.  The first DIY I did this year was these awesome ghosts made from milk jugs!

How cute are these!?  The quickest, cheapest, and cutest Halloween craft that I have found.  I just saved 3 milkjugs, tore the  labels off {you might need to run some warm water to help scrape the residual label off}, and then they are ready to become ghosts!

I used a permamnent marker and free handed 3 different faces.  After your faces are made then you are free to cut holes in the bottom backs of the jugs to allow for light cords.  I just used 1 strand of LED Christmas lights – stolen from my Christmas stash in the basement.  Still using only 1 hole in each jug, I just pushed 1/3 of the strand of lights into the first jug, 1/3 into the middle jug, then the last 1/3 into the last jug {leaving the wall plug in hanging out}.  Then you just have to plug them in!!  Enjoy!